Our solutions are intended to develop and/or improve network situational awareness.

Within the federal government and the private sector, there are vulnerabilities, threats, and events. Predictive, proactive, strategic tools and processes are included in our solution sets to help our customers increase situational awareness and incident response.

We enable our clients to respond swiftly to cyber risks by identifying, addressing, and mitigating them. We also encourage the development of enterprise resilience in order to ensure that operations continue during and after a cyber-attack.

One of the most important aspects of cyber security is the capacity to secure computer networks and vital infrastructure. Our solutions are intended to develop and/or improve network situational awareness.

We’re in the business of assisting clients in determining the best path ahead in terms of utilising technology to protect people and assets while also enhancing their capabilities. We create integrated, proven solutions to tackle the most complex security concerns by combining strategic ties with key communications, network, and application software vendors with our extensive expertise in a wide range of technical sectors.

Creative Cyber Security Solutions from Cyberin System:

  • Penetration Testing – Cyberin System can perform penetration testing on your IT infrastructure to identify and exploit vulnerabilities such as service and application weaknesses, inappropriate setups, and unsafe end-user behaviour.
  • Security Awareness and Training – Cyberin System can assist you in establishing a security-conscious culture in your business. Employees will recognise data is a valuable asset; policies and procedures for working with information technology will be embedded in the workforce; and employees will know who to contact if a security threat is discovered.
  • Vulnerability Management – Even if your system passes testing, it will need to be assessed and remedied on a regular basis to remain secure. The processes that are crucial to vulnerability management — discovery, reporting, prioritisation, and response – are processes that Cyberin System knows and can deliver on.
  • Risk Assessment – Cyberin System can teach you how to analyse and monitor your organization’s strategic, financial, operational, compliance, and knowledge management risks, as well as how to mitigate them. We’ll assist with the development of a mitigation strategy that includes incident response rules and procedures, as well as contingency plans at all levels.
  • Information Assurance & Security – Cyberin System understands how to safeguard your digital and non-digital information assets, including hard-copy records, using information assurance and security. We provide you with tools to ensure that your information systems work as expected, only when and for authorised users. Digital and non-digital information assets, such as hard copy records, are all protected.

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